Schöffel is a specialist country wear brand that focuses on the latest fabrics and techniques to create wonderful, high-quality clothing. Schöffel was founded in 1804 in Bavaria, Germany and over the past seven generations, it has flourished by combining innovation and technology with a passion for outstanding excellence.  Designed with the country customer in mind, Schöffel’s beautiful products have been specifically designed to be lightweight, technical and comfortable. This outdoor country clothing range boasts both style and quality. Here is Allcocks Country’s list of 10 reasons why we love Schöffel, and why you will too!

1. Quality outdoor country clothing

Schöffel is the leading outdoor country clothing wear brand and has been producing clothing for the countryside for over two centuries. Schöffel pride themselves on the quality of their products. Their collection of clothing and accessories have all been crafted using the finest materials, which makes them both comfortable and durable.

2. High-tech materials

One of the core values Schöffel has built into their brand is their commitment to innovation and fabric technology. Schöffel’s advanced materials include: Gore-Tex, Polartec and Thermal Pro, to name but a few.

The women’s jackets and coats collection include Gore-Tex and Venturi technology. This innovative combination will ensure that minimal body heat escapes, whilst simultaneously keeping the cold air out. We think you will agree that this is a perfect feature for those brisk winter walks or long days out on a shoot.

3. Colour variety

Schöffel has a range of women’s country clothing to suit everyone’s taste. From pastel shades of blue to bold pink print shirts, shades of rich greens and navy outerwear. Whatever your preference of palette, Schöffel will have the perfect option for you.

4. Stylish women’s country clothing

This women’s country clothing range doesn’t compromise on style you’ll be glad to hear! Schöffel’s range of women’s shirts are designed to accentuate the female form by featuring a fashionable cut to produce a slim silhouette.

5. Practicality

Some outdoor coats can admittedly sometimes be both unflattering and bulky. Schöffel has overcome this issue and have designed a range of women’s country clothing that combines a feminine fit with that all-important functionality that is essential for outerwear.

6. Attention to detail

We love that Schöffel has a meticulous eye for detail! They ensure that every last feature of a garment is catered to. Schöffel fleece gilets include features like contrasting Alcantara trims, an array of full length and quarter-length zip options, as well as shape-defining draw cord waistbands.

7. Variety of Schöffel clothing

With Schöffel country clothing you will never be stuck for choice, they offer a wide variety of women’s country clothing, from Schöffel fleece gilets to trousers and shooting coats. They cater for every season, so you can maintain your traditional countryside style all year round.

8. Comfort

Comfort is particularly important and can sometimes be compromised for style. Not with Schöffel! They offer both style and comfort simultaneously. We can’t think of a better combination when it comes to outdoor country clothing!

9. Great value for money

The next reason why we love Schöffel is because of its value for money. Each and every item across the Schöffel women’s range is made from top quality materials. This is to ensure that every penny you spend is going into a product that will provide you with comfort, style, and durability.

10. Ethical production

Schöffel ensures that, where possible, they can be ethical in their production of garments and accessories. They have ethically sourced their range of feather down jackets and gilets. We love that they have strong morals at the foundation of all their garments.

At Allcocks Country we are very proud to stock a brand we love so much and that has values that are in line with our own. You can find the full range of Schöffel women’s country clothing on our website, or simply call us on 01299 822212.