Well, winter is upon us and, here at Allcocks Country, we want to make sure you are prepared for the weather wherever you are. Here we dive into two of our most popular brands for winter boots and discuss the pros and cons of each brand to help you make the best decision in choosing your winter footwear. It’s Le Chameau vs Dubarry, who will win? 

Le Chameau Wellington boots

Le Chameau is a superb brand for those who live in wet climates, on a farm, near the sea side or just in the country. Whether you are out walking the dog or just enjoying the occasional puddle jump, Le Chameau is the brand for you! Le Chameau are the go-to, Duchess worthy wellington boots that are a must-have. They are perfect for any outdoor fanatic who wants to add a bit of style to her country outfit, whilst also keeping warm and dry. These wellies are top of the range, beautifully hand crafted, consistently reliable and all whilst looking great.

Le Chameau Vierzonord wellington boots

Thanks to the lovely Princess Kate, the first wellington boots we are going to look at is probably the most well-known, the Le Chameau Vierzonord wellington boots. This wellington is a simply elegant, perfect cold weather boot. The adjustable strap and slimmer calf design means an overall sleek look. It’s not only top notch in style but also in weather resistance. This waterproof boot provides you with comfort down to -15, an all-terrain grip sole and neoprene lining for that extra warmth you’ll need on your winter treks. 

Le Chameau Wellington

Le Chameau Country Lady Fourree wellington boot

Le Chameau’s full range caters to every type of lady, whether you’re more heavily focussed on style or need a wellie fit for work. The Le Chameau Country Lady Fouree is that slight extra bit of style to a very reliable wellington boot. Coming from Le Chameau, we already know that they are made to the highest quality standards. However, these particular boots have that little bit of edge. The addition of the fake fur lining adds that extra warmth and the buckle at the top is a beautiful detail to add a touch of style. 

Le Chemeau Wellington

Dubarry Country boots

Dubarry are an incredible footwear brand to add to your winter wardrobe, whether you choose a Chelsea boot or a knee high fit. When you buy a Dubarry country boot, you are stepping into the realm of sophistication combined with practicality. The focus with these boots still encompasses all the necessities for the outdoors, however they just push the air of high fashion that little bit further. If you are looking for a reliable boot that can be worn with everything, from tweed jackets to dresses and jumpers, Dubarry has the boot for you.

Dubarry Monaghan Chelsea boot

Leather boots with a waterproof finish, exactly the type of compromise you will see with Dubarry. Gore-tex waterproof and breathable lining ensures your feet stay warm and dry whilst the Chelsea boots design means these boots can become a staple in any type of wardrobe. Simply, with these Chelsea boots, you will look incredible whilst exploring the outdoors. 

Dubarry Chelsea boots

Dubarry Longford knee-high boot

These beautiful, leather boots are perfect for winter in every possible environment. Whether you are walking through fields in the country or shopping in a city, these boots adapt to every surrounding. Being a Dubarry design, they are of course waterproof and lined with Gore-Tex to keep you warm and dry. However, the knee-high design, with the double buckle detail allows a country girl to tailor these boots to all of her looks. For another classic knee-high design, you may prefer the Galway boot, for yet another sophisticated look. However, its up to you to decide on Dubarry Longford vs Galway. 

Dubarry Country boots

A Dubarry country boot is a statement piece, necessary for any country girl’s wardrobe. Le Chameau, on the other hand, is for the regular outdoorswoman, who needs to be kept warm and dry whilst also looking good. The Le Chameau wellington boots are a must-have investment if you venture into the great outdoors regularly whilst a Dubarry boot becomes a staple shoe to any wardrobe, for any occasion. In the fight of Le Chameau vs Dubarry, it’s up to you to decide who wins. Visit our website to find your dream pair of boots.