Country fashion has improved significantly in recent years, with old trends resurfacing, new trends taking everyone by storm, exceptional tweed collections being launched and lots more. It’s quite a lot to keep up to date with, right?

Well, it’s no surprise that country men and women are renowned as some of the most astute shoppers in the world – the quality and style of country clothing really speaks for itself. There are many brands that have mastered the country style and fashion industry - Laksen being one of them.

The modern country style is quite subtle and more fashionable than it’s history. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about old-fashioned country hats, fringe trousers, brushpopper shirts or mullets – they can stay in the wardrobe for now…and maybe until the end of time.

We’re here to discover Laksen country fashion and provide tips on how you can get the country look! Let’s get started, the women are up first!

Laksen Clothing for Women

Tweed takes the lead in our women’s country clothing collection. Tweed holds a magical gift of NEVER going out of style. This year we have seen tweed being re-worked with tartan, leather, and florals which is a trend we can definitely get behind.

As part of our women’s ‘how to get the look’, we’ve picked some winter essentials and tweed favourites to ensure your outfit boasts nothing but style and excellence. Who’s excited? (We are!!). 

Laksen Hen Poplin Shirt

Laksen Hen Poplin Country Shirt

The hen poplin shirt from Laksen is the shirt that can be used for any occasion. Are you expecting to be out on the field or day participating in activities? Are you heading out for a more formal occasion? No problem, the shirt with pheasant motifs can help you achieve a great look.

Laksen Durham Merino Cardigan

Laksen Durham Merino Cardigan

Here’s for the extra layer country women! If you tend to feel the cold more than others, or you’re looking for something to keep you warm during the dreaded winter months, Laksen’s cosy Durham Merino cardigan does just the job. You never have to compromise on style when it comes to keeping warm and looking good simultaneously! The hen poplin shirt in light blue is a perfect match for this cardigan, take another look above!

Laksen Temple Tweed Coat

Laksen Temple Tweed Coat

The Laksen Temple Tweed coat is a practical and stylish waterproof coat, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable when you’re out and about. Featuring CTX membrane, cartridge pockets and a Teflon coat, this Laksen shooting jacket should be on every country woman’s list!

Laksen Clothing for Men

For the men who are lovers of shooting, hunting, camping and so on, all of your country clothing needs are right here. From casual wear to formal wear, perfect for all types of occasions. We’ve picked our top 3 essentials from the Laksen clothing range for men.

Laksen Woodhay Tweed CTX Breeks

Mens Country Breeks

We have to kick things off again with tweed breeks for men! These were just too good for us to pass on. The shooting breeks are lightweight, flexible and most of all, a great addition to a country outfit! 

Laksen Windsor Windstopper Sweater

Laksen Windsor Windstopper Sweater

The Windsor windstopper sweater can be added to your ‘winter layers’ part of your wardrobe. It is made from 50% wool and 50% acrylic with hand quilted Amaretta shoulders and elbows. The Windsor sweater would match perfectly with the Dalness jacket which is coming up next!

Laksen Dalness CTX Jacket

Mens Dalness CTX jacket

The men’s Laksen Dalness jacket  features CTX membrane and is super lightweight. The jacket can be used for hunting, shooting and any other country adventures you get up to. It has 2 hand warmer pockets, 2 large cartridge pockets and 1 large game pocket – which, if we say so ourselves, is quite a lot of pockets! To add to the pockets, there is a mesh lining in the jacket with a water stop barrier, so the Dalness jacket can really keep you protected and help on your journeys.

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