Cheltenham Festival 2019 is fast approaching, so it’s time to finalise your wardrobe for the eagerly anticipated event. Officially, there is no dress code for the races, but many dress to impress. So why not grab some inspiration anyhow and rock a Tweed jacket you’ve been eyeing up for the last month?

Cheltenham races are presented over four days, from March 12th – March 15th. We hope you’re prepared for an action packed schedule, some nail biting and the very best of jump racing as exceptional horses and jockeys battle for the highest racing honours. Below you can find a brief overview of the 4 day event, then we can dive right into fashion and style tips to set you apart from the rest.

Day 1 (12th March) – Champion Day

Day 2 (12th March) – Ladies Day

Day 3 (14th March) – St Patrick’s Thursday

Day 4 (15th March) – Gold Cup Day

Inspiration For The Women At Cheltenham Festival

We can proudly say that women have set the bar quite high when it comes to racecourse styles in recent years. Let’s take a look at the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, for example. Knee high boots, a stylish hat, gloves and a statement coat seem to be her go to, which is ideal if you’re looking to have a power outfit and keep warm at the same time. We all know, March can be a bit chilly – make sure your outfit accommodates the weather!

Earthy tones seem to be the winner each year the races roll around. They have become a trend lately, and with tones incorporated into designs that really make it pop, we’re not surprised they’ve weaved their way into various spring collection releases. It is important to note, avoid primary colours and especially the colour black. Stick with what you know and what matches the season, just simply add your own twist – navy blues, mustards, browns, caramels etc.

We’ve handpicked a few outfits to help you get started..


womens country outfit for cheltenham races

If it’s going to be typical British weather, you need to stay warm and wrapped up.

The Anna Lascata Lauren Jacket in Beige (off white) is a classic and elegant jacket made from soft Donegal new wool, so you can be sure it’ll meet it’s purpose with keeping you cosy and warm. It’s important to choose a jacket or coat that not only matches your style, but one is that versatile for your needs. The Brooklime Shirt in multi red gives a subtle pop of colour and detail, which matches perfectly with the Dubarry honeysuckle jeans. They boast a slim fit and are often paired with leather boots.

When it comes to deciding on the right shoes to wear for Cheltenham, just think, what would Kate Middleton do? And the answer, is that she always sticks with knee high boots! Farifax & Favor seem to have taken the lead for best brand when it comes to their boots, and we couldn’t help but handpick these for their quality, design and comfort.

The heeled Regina Boots are one of the brands famous releases, with the popularity of them continuing to grow. We’ve chosen the regina boot in chocolate and navy, so it’s really yours for the choosing depending on the rest of your outfit.

We also have picked the Amira boots – the latest addition of Fairfax and Favor. They are crafted in a choice of three suede colours and they feature a calf leather lining to provide you with ultimate comfort. They’re definitely a head turner, and the 7cm thick heel will make sure you’re walking tall whatever the occasion (and to avoid you sinking in the grass depending on the weather).

fairfax and favor boots for cheltenham

We can’t forget the small things that make a huge difference. From hats, gloves and scarves – they might just make an outfit that much better. We’ll kick things off with the gorgeous Merino Scarf. It features a unique pattern for year round comfort and season versatility.

To accompany the scarf, the Hicks & Brown Suffolk Fedora Hat has made quite a few appearances when it comes to events like the Cheltenham festival. As we know, hats tend to be one of the most popular accessories for women at Cheltenham, and what better way to attend with a stunning Suffolk Fedora hat.


womens outfit for cheltenham 2

On to outfit number 2 for the women. Navy appears to be the popular colour for events such as Cheltenham, so we’ve handpicked some exceptional fashion pieces that can make their mark.

The Anna Lascata range also features the Alexandra Jacket in navy herringbone – a three quarter length coat made from Donegal wool herringbone tweed. We have the Fairfax & Favor mini Windsor handbag in navy to accompany the coat, as well as the navy heeled regina boots.

We finish the outfit off with a Suffolk Fedora Hat with Guinea Feather Wrap. A stunning hat which features a combination of natural and bright features to add individuality.

Inspiration For The Men At Cheltenham Festival


mens country outfit for cheltenham

Men, it’s your time to shine at the Cheltenham Festival. It’s the perfect opportunity for not only women, but men to showcase their personal style. There are no rules when it comes to men’s racing fashion, but it is expected that you make an effort, so we’re here to help with that. Stand out from the crowd with something different other than a black and white suit!

We’ll start things off with Schoffel’s Canterbury Navy Jeans, a comfortable and high quality pair of jeans ideal for any occasion. Ensure you get the perfect fit; one pair of bad jeans can ruin a whole outfit! A Pampeano Polo Belt might be able to help with that…

Stripes and checked shirts are usually associated with country events, and the Laksen Gilroy Twill Shirt with subtle colours of bark, chilli and green is the perfect match for the second layer – the Laksen Woodhay Tweed Dress Vest. It is a beautifully tailored waistcoat, perfect for formal occasions and to show off your style. It’s made from 100% Scottish wool tweed, so it’s durability and quality can stand the test of time.

country shirt for men

Although brogues, deck shoes and loafer shoes seem to be the trend currently, you can’t beat the Chelsea boot, especially in tan. The boot is extremely durable and features two sturdy heel and tongue pulls. The Chelsea boot is available in suede or polished leather, and depending on the weather for the festival, we definitely recommend leather.

As for the accessories, the men at Cheltenham festival often don’t wear hats, but we’re sure the Peaky Blinders style hats will make an appearance more than once. Rather than choosing the perfect headwear for this particular occasion, we’ve focused our attention on the accessories for the stylish man. Including the Schoffel Silk Shooting Cravat, which brings a pop of colour to the outfit, as well as the Laksen Signature Scarf in green and yellow check to keep you protected from any breezes and chills that come your way.


mens country outfit choice 2

There’s a wealth of choice for the style savvy men, and if you’re looking for something in traditional tweed, we’ve got you covered. It is essential, however, to get the basics right.

The Schoffel Canterbury Jeans in Camel are a popular colour choice, which works with pretty much anything. For more comfort and quality, there’s no doubt these should be a part of your outfit, for any type of occasion.

We understand that some shirts can be irritable, which is why we’ve chosen a lightweight and breathable shirt for all seasons – the Brancaster Shirt by Schoffel. For the second layer, in case you have to battle the rain or horrendous cold temperatures, be sure to pick up a Fleece Gilet. It’s a cosy and protective waistcoat designed to be used as a mid-layer for extra warmth. It’s one of the popular products in the Schoffel clothing range, and we can understand why.

The final layer, includes the traditional and smart Belgrave Tweed Sports Jacket. It provides a classic fit with 100% pure lambswool, designed for sporting events like the Cheltenham Festival. For an accessory with a kick (should we say), the Dubarry Rugby Hip Flask in Walnut is the ultimate gentlemen’s accessory. The hip flask fits perfectly inside Dubarry blazers, jackets and coats so you’re fully prepared for a day at the races.