Fairfax and Favor are a British born lifestyle brand that is known for it’s modern country style and designs, as well as it’s luxurious quality. Established in 2013, they have singlehandedly redefined the term quintessential. With a core focus on adventure, it’s no surprise the brand has taken the world by storm with exceptional country footwear that lasts, whatever the weather, whatever the adventure.

The brand ultimately gave the Spanish riding boot a makeover – by introducing the Regina boot with a slim fit, an interchangeable tassel and a stylish heel. This was the first of many boots that men and women would instantly fall in love with. We certainly did.

The Quality

Quality has to take the lead when it comes to reasons why we’re obsessed with Fairfax & Favor. The brand stops at nothing to ensure their footwear range boasts premium quality and fine details that matter. The ‘Alicante Adventure’, otherwise known as the adventure they took to Spain to see a factory that made shoes, was the beginning of something special for the new brand. Although the factory in Spain told them they had to order 420 pairs, and only delivered 390 of them, it was a promising (maybe also worrying) start to creating the nation’s favourite country boots.  

The Regina Boot – This particular boot was what gave the brand a big breakthrough. They often refer to it as the ‘lucky charm’ and the popularity of the Regina continues to rise, being suitable for any type of occasion, and providing an exceptional, stylish look to any woman who wears them.

The boot features a memory foam insole which compliments the leather / rubber composite sole in order to enhance overall comfort and improve longevity. It possesses a full line leather interior, a 6cm elasticated stretch panel in order to achieve the perfect hit, and with the option to choose the boot in suede or leather, that might just be the icing on the cake for us boot lovers.

fairfax and favor boots

Diverse Range

As well as a versatile rang that can withstand all types of weather, occasions and adventures, you’re really spoilt for choice. They have styles and designs to accompany men and women of all ages and sizes. Our personal favourite for the women has to be the Amira Boot in Suede Tan – a head turner. Whereas for men, the Bedingfeld loafer in chocolate offers an exceptional style and comfort at best.

They don’t simply stop at shoes, though! (Surprise). For the women who can’t live without a good handbag or purse, Fairfax & Favor come to the rescue with classic and elegant designs so you know your personal belongings are fully protected and safe.

fairfax and favor range


You can never be in doubt of what shoes to wear with Fairfax & Favor. With a range of versatile boots and shoes, ideal for all occasions, you can’t really go wrong. Are you looking for formal occasion footwear? The Regina Boot will work a treat. An informal occasion? The Chelsea Boot is calling your name.

The versatile and durable nature of each piece of footwear is a true testament to how they are produced and what the brand truly values. Whether you’re on the search for work shoes, evening shoes, horse trials and events, or just casual – Fairfax can accommodate. Shop the country footwear range in full now and let us know what kind of boots, loafers and drivers shoes are your favourites.

 fairfax and favor country boots