Material Guide

Many of the brands we stock here at Allcocks Country use modern technologies to ensure that their products are advanced and offer the highest quality.

Gore-Tex - Quite a few of the brands we stock have a licence to be able to use Gore-Tex within their products. Gore-Tex is a membrane that is guaranteed to keep you dry. It is totally windproof, and highly breathable. The membrane is much like the skin, with it's billions of tiny pores, it allows body moisture vapour to escape whilst preventing water penetration. You will remain dry and comfortable, even in the wettest conditions.

Gore-Windstopper - Garments made with Gore-Windstopper are totally windproof and deliver maximum breathability. This membrane blocks the wind and allows body vapour to escape. This combination of protection and breathability minimises the wind's chilling effect while reducing the risk of overheating when you are active. Products with Gore-Windstopper also offer light rain resistance too.

Primaloft - This is a synthetic alternative to feather down insulation. Primaloft is water resistant and it is engineered to protect you from the elements so you can enjoy the outdoors. Primaloft provides warmth without being overly bulky, and it is also a good choice for pack-away products.

Down - Feather down provides maximum thermal insulation with minimum weight. This thermal lining is also breathable.

Polartec - Polartec is a remarkably lightweight material with exceptional heat retaining qualities. It is highly breathable to keep you comfortable during strenuous activity. For ease of care Polartec is treated to resist pilling and mildew.

Vibram - Vibram is the worldwide leader in sole design for walking and mountaineering footwear. The company specialises in the manufacture of soles and can be distinguished by the distinctive yellow logo. The key benefits of Vibram soles are - extra protection around the toe that's ideal when climbing or walking uphill; outstanding grip; made from a composite rubber material that's unbeatably resistant to wear; lightweight and shock absorbing.



Rubber - Aigle's rubber is made from mainly natural materials. It is comfortable, flexible and resistant.

Neoprene lining - The neoprene lining that Aigle use in their wellingtons is insulating and quick drying. It will keep your feet insulated down to -15 degrees Celsius.

Polyamide lining - This lining is a polyester lining with sanitised antibacterial treatment. It is quick drying and it can be cleaned using a sponge.


Dubarry of Ireland

DryFast-DrySoft Leather - Dubarry's leather is treated so that it absorbs less moisture. This leather requires 70% less time to dry, and once it is dry it will remain soft and supple.

XL Extralight Sole - This is Dubarry's durable, flexible rubber outsole. It has a lightweight EVA midsole, the materials that they use are recyclable. By using this sole on Dubarry's shoes makes them three times lighter than normal shoes.



CTX - This is Laksen's own membrane, it is guaranteed to be waterproof, windproof and is highly breathable - more breathable than Gore-Tex.


Le Chameau

Natural rubber - The Para rubber tree in Vietnam is the source of Le Chameau's natural rubber. The qualities of Le Chameau boots derive largely from the properties of this natural elastic material in being supple, robust and waterproof. The ability to maintain these properties, even at low temperatures, makes rubber the finest natural product available for protection against the British climate.

Leather - The leather used to line the Le Chameau wellingtons is thick and supple. It is supplied by French and Italian tanneries. This leather is tough, hard-wearing and easy to put on. It is treated to resist dampness and remains supple even in contact with water. The leather lining is perfect for year round comfort.

Neoprene - Best known as the material used by manufacturers of wetsuits, Le Chameau has pioneered its use in country footwear. It is supremely successful due to the unique way it warms up quickly and prevents the loss of body heat. The lining works by trapping little pockets of air. Le Chameau's neoprene wellingtons are perfect for use in temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius.

Jersey - The jersey-lined wellington boots maintain Le Chameau's reputation for quality and durability at a competitive price. A cotton-lined wellington is comfortable and light to wear, they can be used all year round. The lining flexes with the rubber and, unlike nylon, it will not separate as it is latex coated and vulcanised to the rubber.

Wool - The wool is a natural product, and provides excellent thermal insulation down to -15 degrees Celsius.



BR2 - This lining is completely waterproof in torrential rain, it is windproof, breathable, and lightweight. Any garment with this lining will have fully taped seams.

Windjammer - It is an ultra-thin layer laminated to the shell fabric. It is highly windproof and breathable which makes it perfect for staying comfortable whilst pursuing outdoor activities.

Windstopper - Entirely windproof whilst providing breathability. It is laminated to the shell fabric which gives you windproof protection. Windstopper is highly breathable and durable.



Venturi - It is a 2-layer laminate exclusive to Schoffel. It is a high performance laminate that is both protective and superbly functional. The Venturi laminate is permanently wind and waterproof, it is breathable and is soft to touch.